About Us


Philon was founded in 2001 to provide value-added integration and assembly services in the area of industrial automation systems. 

Our main objective is to assist our clients to reduce assembly costs through outsourcing service.
Services offer: 
Electrical wiring routing;
Control panel box design and configuration;
Identification systems (RFID, Detection and Measurement)
Machine vision inspection set up and commissioning;
Machine acoustic and vibration study, set up and system integration.


Authorized distributor for:

Trafag, Pressure Transmitters, Sensors & Controls
Kvaser, Advanced Controller Area Network (CAN) Solutions
Balluff Sensors and RFID Solutions
Mountz,Torque-controlled Tools
Pacer Instruments,  Precision Measuring Devices







"What makes Philon different is their customer-focused and willingness to work with us for fast-track retrofitting work"


Material Manager

OEM, US-based Corporation